Nada has one of the widest ranges of top quality food with European influence. Nada also creates amazing celebration cakes.

Peter Gray founded Nada Cakes in 1975 in Haitaitai after saving his pennies and completing his apprenticeship at Monette Cakes in Porirua. Being a family business, Peter’s son Michael now leads the great team that make Nada New Zealand’s Greatest Bakery.

Today Nada bakes fresh a wide range of bread, cakes, pies, pastries and gluten-free products. Nada is also well recognized for creating special celebration cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and corporate celebrations.


At the age of 16 Peter Gray started on his baking career out in a small village bakery. He wanted to own his own business so he did just that; and that’s where the Nada story began.

Nada Cakes was established by its present owner Peter Gray, back in 1975. Peter had an ambition all of his life to be in business by the age of 21 and he achieved just that.

In 1975 after spending a year abroad creating the Nada dream, Peter returned to New Zealand to start what is today, Nada “New Zealand’s Greatest Bakery”.

Many worldwide trips visiting bakeries has given Nada its very special qualities. Bakers from all over the world visit us at Nada and we reciprocate. Nada Cakes has won New Zealand Baker of the Year three times and been runner up on many occasions.

“We are award winners every time”

Nada is truly a family business. We have a fantastic group of dedicated people. The thirty five strong team at Nada all help to take us where we are today. Peter’s immediate family also contribute to Nada Bakery ’s operation and success.

In 2005 Peter tragically passed away. Judith Gray (Peters wife) ensured that the business carried on, and together with Michael Gray (Peters son) and now Nada Bakery's General Manager have continued to grow our business. In 2010 our Tawa bakery and cafe opened allowing our loyal customers the opportunity to dine in and enjoy coffee with their favourite baked goods. 

The Gray family have all been heavily involved in the Baking Association (BIANZ) with Michael most recently having served as the industry's President. We at Nada feel it is important to give back to the industry that has helped our business grow and allowed us to support our team and their families. Michael now acts and Chief Judge and Competition Manager for BIANZ meaning that we an unable to enter these awards.

We have had many apprentices and we really enjoy watching people learn about our craft.

We have also believe in giving young people their first job and have had thousand's of college students form part of our team over the years. We believe that is it imperative that young people learn about good business values and strong work ethics, and often have these people come back and tell us how the "University of Nada" helped to get them ahead in life. 

In 2017 Nada Bakery placed very highly in the Supreme Pie competition taking out a Silver medal for our Roast Chicken and Vegetable pie. It was fantastic to be recognised out of the thousands of pies on the table. 

Over the last 42 years, we have created products from A to Z in the alphabet.

At Nada you will find we have the largest range of bakery products in New Zealand. Over 300 different products to choose from, all made on the premises.

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